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The preservation of our natural resources is more important than ever before as the world’s population continues to increase. All citizens need to see the correlation between their daily activities that directly relate to resource concerns such as groundwater contamination and soil loss. Students and adults alike, need educational tools to provide a realistic visualization of how daily life choices affect the natural resources all around them.

Today’s youth increasingly exhibit a disconnection to where products they use daily originate. When asked where their food comes from, children often reply “the grocery store.” They have not been exposed to the “farm field to dinner table” knowledge necessary to form an understanding and appreciation necessary to protect soil, water and other natural resources.

Students need to be provided with learning opportunities, which will allow them to better understand that the products they use daily come from the soil below their feet. In order for children to be good stewards and protect our natural resources now and in the future, they must understand just how important our natural resources are, and how critical soil is to our survival.
Why a Soil Tunnel Trailer?
All self-contained in a 12’ x 8.5’ enclosed trailer featuring soils and the interaction of our natural resources underground. The professional design inside, outside, and on top of the trailer brings the world of soil to life. One side of the trailer educates viewers about the natural history of soil with 3-D worms, roots, and other organisms. Human impacts on soil, such as toxic waste and septic system contamination of the soil are featured on the opposite wall.
What is the Soil Tunnel Trailer?
The professional design inside, outside, and on top of the trailer brings the world of soil to life. The designs for the sculptures and art work inside the walk-through display and the eye catching hand-painted soil profile horizons on the exterior were designed by Randall Bennett of Tall Grass Museum Services in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Soil Tunnel Trailer is available for use across Kansas through your local county conservation district to educate youth and adults about the relationship between their daily activities and the resulting affects on soil and other natural resources. The Soil Tunnel Trailer serves as a learning tool and backdrop for a variety of lessons at schools, field days, county fairs and beyond.
The Soil Tunnel Trailer is:


Virtual Experience

Three Dimensional

Museum Quality


Walk Through Display

Handicap Accessible

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For further information about the Soil Tunnel Trailer and about the importance of soil in our lives, download a colorful and informative brochure here.
How is the Soil Tunnel Trailer funded?
Major funding for the Soil Tunnel Trailer project came from the Miami County Conservation District and grant funds from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Clean Water Neighbor Grant through the KS WRAPS program that is funded using EPA Section 319 funds. 

Others who have provided funding, discounts on services, or in-kind services include:
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